Max Compact Exterior

What takes priority in life – the outward appearance or the inner core? Anyone looking for a material for exterior applications, such as Rain-Screen facades or outdoor furniture, has probably already answered that question for themselves. Quite obviously, the answer is both.

Because both aspects are important when deciding on a material, particularly in the case of exterior applications: of course the quality of the product must also meet extreme requirements; it is, after all, the protection of a building that is covered. And just as self-evidently, it is the appearance of a building that is an expression of individuality, a lifestyle statement and a very personal declaration – which is why design quality is just as important as product quality.

The range of applications with Max Exterior is becoming increasingly wide, the range of decors is also achieving continually new dimensions in terms of nuances and variety, right up to a completely free choice with custom graphics our Individual décor option. The product itself remains true to its success factors and, whatever décor is used, will also always stand for consistent protection and uncompromising strength in the face of all external influences.

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