Sliding Architecture

This attractive and effective solution is created using minimalist lines and an exclusive design.
The design optimizes natural light. The slider has a distinct refined finish with no overlapping of profiles and concealed drainage. Square-jointed assembly also helps to refine the structure.
The concealed opening sash principle is used to create a more attractive finish. Only the frame remains visible with a 68mm aluminum sight line (in relation to a 150mm conventional sliding system) which maximizes the glass surface area by +8%.
Several exclusive design handles are available to customize the slider.

LUTEAL sliding system, resistance class level 3 (RC3) against burglary according to the European norm EN 1627-30, by resisting more than 5 minutes to an attempted break-in.
Locking system inaccessible from the outside, with either non-locking or 2-point and 3-point locking.

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