Enamel Mug

This Enamel Mug Camping design takes an otherwise basic enamel mug to the next level. The design, which is available in 25 different colors, is made from a glossy high-quality permanent vinyl rated for outdoor use, and the mug holds 12 oz. While we’re not sure if the vinyl would hold up to open-flame cooking, it’s definitely perfect for your coffee, tea, beer or any other drink your happy-camping’ heart desires.

This delightful enamel mug features the illustrations of Enamel Mug who works directly with a local enamel artisan to produce these. This 13.5 oz mug depicts all the camping essentials – Swiss Army knife, compass, canteen, rope knot, and a “wild” patch. Take this on your next trip, or use it at home to inspire you to get out on your next adventure.

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